My Vision for Women in the Church

(Copyright 2018)

My vision is to see women invited to and placed within the local church in roles of spiritual leadership, that they would serve equally and mutually with their brothers and sisters, prayerfully shepherding and leading the local body of Christ in every corner of the world.

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I pray that the rule, rather than the exception, would be local church leadership shared among men and women, each offering their gifts and living out their callings, leading well, together, to see the Great Commandment lived out and the Great Commission accomplished.

I believe the Church will be strengthened when the most gifted, the most talented, and the most influential women are invited and encouraged to serve within the local church setting, rather than be nudged or pushed outside the local church due to lack of opportunity. I pray we would educate and promote the best and brightest, that they might have leadership positions and teaching spaces to live out their anointing.

Setting aside gender expectations and cultural norms, it is my heart to see women of every generation significantly contributing to the local church in real and impactful ways at every level. That their voice would be welcomed and their presence included. I ask for the local church to lay a foundation of God-given worth and unrelenting purpose in little girls, to give ministry opportunities to young women that they may serve and shine, and to make space at the leadership table for the wisest and most experienced women among us, side by side with the wisest of men.

Is it possible?

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